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Denim Wallet


Far too long have we been stuffing our pockets with oversized and over filled wallets. I have seen wallets over 2" thick stuffed into a back pocket. My own wallet was .5" thick and on long trips in the car I would need to remove it to sit comfortably. This was the original inspiration for the nappi wallet. When I took everything out of my wallet it was still a quarter of an inch think with nothing in it. So I set out to make a wallet that started out thin and light, but robust enough to handle being sat on every day. The nappi denim wallet is an 1/8 of an inch thick, 3.250 wide and 4.250 tall. If you are one of those people who stuff their entire life into their wallet, then this isn't for you. The purpose here is to be slim and still slim once you put your cards and cash in. Made of 12oz raw denim.